Starkey: Sound Thinking

Hear Better, Live Better

The Ask

Educate and engage consumers on how Starkey is changing the landscape of hearing through science, technology and philanthropy (“Hear Better, Live Better”), while also creating a groundswell of awareness about the Starkey Hearing Foundation (“Spread Hope from Ear to Ear.”).

The Answer

A roadmap of partnership elements inclusive of 23 Stories-produced Print (custom editorial, sponsored advertorial, and a Starkey brand ad), digital units, and videos, all enlightening consumers to the science and charitable arm behind Starkey Hearing Technologies.

The Outcome

Starkey’s first consumer-facing advertising program helped surround and syndicate its philanthropic message in a premium, brand-safe environment, and it did so by over-delivering to a collective premium audience of influencers. After the 23S campaign with Starkey ran, there was a 146% lift for brand familiarity among consumers, with video garnering the strongest at 179%. Video content had the greatest impact, garnering over 1.9 MM video views.