Pantene: Head-to-Head Beauty

The Mane Experience: Real Way Takes On Runway

The Ask

Increase brand relevance and affinity, while inciting brand purchase, loyalty, consumer education—and engaging Condé Nast’s influential beauty consumers through timely branded content.

The Answer

23S created “Head-to-Head”, a rich content series based on proprietary consumer insights and cultural foresight that consisted of 200+ content pieces, including long- and short-form videos, articles, social media posts, photos, and more. The crux of the episodic videos: a how-to series featuring two Condé Nast style experts who went “head-to-head” with two diverse takes on a popular and celebrity-worn hair trends from the Red Carpet—in real time.

The Outcome

The result: real-time inspiration for avid beauty consumers who perpetually seek total hair transformation—and it came in the form of a 2015 Bronze Telly award-winning program! The high-profile content was distributed across Condé Nast’s and Pantene’s owned and earned channels during key tent-poles like the Grammys and other highly covered and much-anticipated Red Carpet events.