Olay: Ageless with Olay

Changing the dialogue about age from “define” to “defy”

The Ask

To strengthen Olay’s “Ageless” movement, encouraging women to transform their skin so that age doesn’t define them—to “age less and be ageless.”

The Answer

23 Stories created Ageless Encounters, an interview series that paired editors from Allure, Vanity Fair, and W with bold and influential women known for transcending chronology. In two-minute videos, television personality Amanda de Cadenet, beauty entrepreneur Jeanine Lobell, and accessories designer Brett Heyman reveal what they have learned about beauty by refusing to act their age, starting a thoughtful social conversation about age-based expectations of women in society. The series was supported by custom print ads, rich media digital articles, as well as short-form videos that integrated Olay products.

The Outcome

23 Stories saw a significant over-delivery of 157% on the videos with total views delivered at 400k. 91% of the long-form videos’ viewers reached 25% completion (on average, only 69% of branded video viewers reach this point). The long-form video completion rates have far exceeded the benchmark for all Condé Nast-branded videos.