Lincoln: Black Label

Expressions of a New Kind of Luxury

The Ask

Create an aesthetic link between the new Lincoln Luxury Black Label automobile and luxurious, custom home design for luxe-loving consumers.

The Answer

A high-powered (and rich) marriage of media and the experiential.

23 Stories partnered with Lincoln Black Label to strengthen the relevance of the new custom model in the minds of discriminating consumers via three powerful avenues—print, digital, and live immersion. The home used in the print campaign, outfitted by Home-NYC Design, also served as short-term luxury stays, much like a high-end “private” hotel for lucky consumers who also had use of a Lincoln Black Label vehicle. A dramatic print portfolio, showcasing the vehicles’ colors and trims inside the home, appeared in four iconic Condé Nast brands: Bon Appetit, Architectural Digest, VOGUE, and Vanity Fair. 23S-selected talent included the Haselgrave Bros. from Home-NYC Design; and cutting-edge “makers”: Barrett Prendergast (LA chef/caterer); Garrett Leight (Garrett Leight Eyewear); and Kimberly Snyder (best-selling author and nutritionist).

The Outcome

23S wooed demanding luxury consumers in pivotal markets for the automaker; invitation-only parties were held in Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, and New York City (where there was a Tribeca Film Festival tie-in) and featured food by top-tier caterers, celebrities such as Anna Kendrick, Joe Jonas, and of-the-moment entertainment, including singer/songwriter Zella Day. The beautiful print portfolios were seen by 23 million.