Gevalia: The Art of Coffee

Java’s Newest Jolt: How 23 Stories Stirred Up Gevalia Sales

The Ask

Shift the perception of Gevalia from an unknown, direct-mail-only brand to a now-available-at-retail premium coffee brand with impeccable standards and a rich-brewed history.

The Answer

23 Stories elevated the usual java experience to high art, honoring the senses via a multi-channel activation with The Art of Coffee, a video series sponsorship of Epicuriousity, beautiful custom print, and an interactive tablet execution.

The Outcome

Caffeine cravings just got stronger. The Art of Coffee brought home Gevalia’s robust history and provided context for its distinction among other coffees—bold, beautiful and a brand worth buzzing about. As a result of the video series, Gevalia experienced a +94% lift in purchase intent.